Let’s toast across America and celebrate The Great Smoke Together. Below you will find 3 TGS Signature Cocktails and all the ingredients you will need to make them. Tune in at the approximate broadcast times listed as our TGS Bartender Ashley Garcia shows you exactly how to make each cocktail. After her demonstration, we will all toast at the same time across America! NOW, make sure you take a picture of your finished cocktail and post it publicly on your Facebook Page using the #TGSCocktail.
Ashley will pick the top pictures from every cocktail hour and if we broadcast your post, you will win a FREE bottle of the featured spirit!! Cheers!

Drink 1
Approx Broadcast Time 12:20pm EST

Drink 2
Approx Broadcast Time 3:04pm EST

Drink 3
Approx Broadcast Time 5:17pm EST

*All times are Est. Due to the nature of live broadcasting all times tentative. Please allow 15 minutes before or after the listed times.