Gyorgy Lakatos

Lakatos is a composer, a guitar genius that writes unique pieces filled with passion and life. He is a musician with a “gypsy heart” who will romance any audience with his slick and magical approach to making the guitar sing like an angel, or explode with rhythm and power.

Michael Parenti

Michael traded the Big Apple for oranges as he brought his unique comedy style from New York City to Florida. He was born in Queens and lived in the Empire State pretty much his whole life. He’s got the look of a typical New Yorker. At first glance, you might suspect that he was hired by central casting to play a pizzeria owner or mafia informant on the latest network television drama. He talks with a pronounced New York accent and he emphasizes every important point with his hands. Sauce and comedy flow side by side through his veins. But he is so much more than that.